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Conference Venues across South Africa.
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This site is dedicated to easing the stress of finding conference venues in South Africa. The site covers all nine provinces. Locating a conference venue close to you or exactly where you need it. For easy reference the table headings are sort-able so you can find the conference venue you need.



  1. a formal meeting of people with a shared interest, typically one that takes place over several days.
    “an international conference on the environment”
    synonyms: congress, meeting, convention, seminar, colloquium, symposium, forum, convocation, summit, synod, conclave, consultation, awayday
    “an international conference on the environment”
  2. a commercial association for the regulation of an area of activity or the exchange of information.
    “an international authority or, if that was not possible, a regional operators’ conference”


  1. .take part in a conference or conference call.
    “video conferencing”

Now all we need is a great conference venue. Finding a venue can be challenging with so many great venues to choose from so take your time and inquire from more than one conference venue to secure the best venue for you. No mess no fuss deal direct with your preferred establishment.